The Sango comic book anthology

The Sàngó Comic Book Anthology

Our marquee title is authored by ComicLabX founder - Ade Olumofin and illustrated by Powerhouse Publishers.

The Sàngó Comic book anthology is a fictional version of how Sàngó - an ancient African King from the powerful Oyo Kingdom, rises from a military General to a God-King.

The six-part story that will leave you wanting more. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, we pay an ode to the world's most famous Orisha.



Saigo No Ninja - The Last Ninja.

Inspired by Yasuke, - The first African Samurai brought to Japan from Mozambique by Jesuit priests.
最後の忍者 (Saigo No Ninja - Japanese for The Last Ninja) is a fictional story about Malakai, the son of a Mozambican diplomat. Who finds himself an orphan when his parents are assassinated in Tokyo, Japan.
He is forced to live in an orphanage until he is recruited into the Minashigo (孤児) clan. A Ninja-for-hire organization by its head, - Master Ryu-Ku or Hattori Hanzo (服部 ハンゾ せんせい), a name he prefers to be referred by.


The Queen

Who do you get when you blend all of Africa's great Queens?

Queen Raina is an accidental Queen of the fictional Kingdom of Mulumba. When her father - the King, and her brother, the heir to the throne, are killed in battle against the empire of Europa's legions, she becomes the first woman in 100 years to seize the throne and become Queen.
How does Queen Raina intend to rule the Queendom of Mulumba as she goes up against forces, internal and external, hell-bent on upending her rule?


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